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The Eyes Have It Podcast

Red Leopard

Finding your colours is an art that Red Leopard have perfected. Adapting your wardrobe not only enhances the way that you look but, more importantly, the confidence that you express.

The Eyes Have It - The McCarricks

The McCarricks

Martin and Kimberlee McCarrick are, quite simply, fascinating. Their view on the world is unique and they create art in whatever they touch.

Alexandra Wood

Alexandra Wood brings a new attitude to men’s tailoring. Discover what shopping represents to Alex as she opens up about what a ‘shopping experience’ should deliver.

Jason Bell

Jason Bell talks about the challenges facing a young up and coming #NFL star and his careers as a TV presenter and entrepreneur. A truly fascinating and intimate conversation.


In the latest episode of The Eyes Have It - The Kirk & Kirk podcast, Jason speaks to old friends, and music royalty, Skye Edwards and Ross Godfrey, founding members of Morcheeba.

Kwame Alexander

In this brand new episode, author, poet, producer, Kwame Alexander talks candidly about his early relationship with books and, in an emotional podcast, shares some intimate inspiration from his personal life.

Kirsten Vangsness

In the first episode, actor Kirsten Vangsness, otherwise known as Garcia in Criminal Minds, discusses her early forays into acting and the obstacles placed in her way as a young aspiring talent.