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Crafting Our Eyewear

Learn more about the crafting process that goes into every single frame.

It starts in Brighton

Every frame is thoughtfully designed by Karen Kirk, our Creative Director based in Brighton, UK.

Karen’s passion for fashion and keen eye for style shines through every frame. From concept to creation, her innovative designs capture the essence of individuality and self-expression. Embrace the artistic flair of Brighton and adorn yourself with frames that are not just accessories, but wearable works of art.

Materials are sourced from Italy

Our materials, come in sheet form and are custom made in Italy. These personalised colour selections and combinations are one of the reasons that Kirk & Kirk eyewear is so distinctive. This material allows us to truly represent those who wear Kirk & Kirk frames: the individuals, the creatives, anyone who wants a special object to truly reflect the many dimensions of who they are.

Acrylic is a material that allows for its own unique colour palette. These colours are specific to Kirk & Kirk frames and cannot be duplicated.


Handmade in France

To maintain the high quality and specificity of our frames and designs, each frame is handmade from start to finish in France.

Each frame gets turned in barrels of woodchip and pumice for about two days, from where it is hand-polished to remove any remaining blemishes and create the vitreous, translucent glow that only Kirk & Kirk unique acrylic possesses.

By keeping the production in one factory from start to finish we can control the quality, checking it four times during the production process and then again before being printed with our logo, the ultimate seal of approval.

Inspected and sent to you

Once formed into eyewear, each frame individually constructed and inspected. The frames then find their way to the world.

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