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Frame Adjustment & Glazing Advice

It is important that your frames are adjusted and glazed correctly and done by your local optician. The video below gives a complete breakdown on the processes for both adjusting and glazing your Kirk & Kirk frames.

Adjustment Advice

Adjustment is easy and, once adjusted, the glasses will keep their shape and stay comfortable.

1) Switch on your blow heater to maximum temperature. Heat the area of the frame that you want to adjust right though until it goes soft and it moves with virtually no resistance.

2) Test it gently against the edge of the heater. It may take 30 seconds or more. Never try and adjust the frame cold.

3) Once adjusted, plunge the hot area into cold water so it cools quickly and maintains its shape. If the frame needs further adjustment then repeat the process. No shortcuts.

Glazing Advice

Glazing is also a straight-forward process when working with Kirk & Kirk frames.

1) Cut the lenses 1mm smaller and snap them in from behind, cold.

2) Do not heat the frame for glazing.

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