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Our Story

Kirk & Kirk creates distinctive and lightweight eyewear for you to express who you really are. Crafted from bespoke Italian acrylic and handmade in France. Just Frames. No Labels.

Meet The Founders

Jason and Karen Kirk founded Kirk & Kirk over 25 years ago. Their passion for eyewear is infectious. It is a story of the artist and scientist coming together to create compelling eyewear.

Our Family History

With 100 years’ history in the optical industry, the Kirk family continues to innovate and push the boundaries between fashion and eyewear.

Crafting Our Eyewear

Learn more about the crafting process that goes into every single frame.


Discover our latest collaborations and find out more about the people behind them.

Customer Stories

Worn by people that are comfortable in their skin, there are no visible labels, no embellishments, just an emphasis on design and quality, a quiet confidence.

Michael Holmes Premium Eyewear

Optician Spotlight

Meet the opticians who stock Kirk & Kirk frames in their store.

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