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The Eyes Have It - Alexandra Wood

In this new series of podcasts, Jason Kirk meets luminaries from the worlds of sport, music, film and fashion in a series of intimate discussions that not only reveal their relationships with eyewear but also broach fascinating and, often, personal subjects.

In this brand new episode,

Alexandra Wood brings a new attitude to men’s tailoring.

Discover what shopping represents psychologically to Alex as she opens up about her relationship with her parents and how her early retail outings with her Dad shaped her approach to what a ‘shopping experience’ should deliver.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think

We will release a new podcast every two weeks with amazing guests including, Jason Bell, Morcheeba and Red Leopard.

“My dad and I shopping trips became our time together.”

- Alexandra Wood

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What does Alexandra enjoy wearing?

Get the look by selecting one of Alexandra’s favourite pair of Kirk & Kirk Frames below: