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The Eyes Have It - Morcheeba

In this new series of podcasts, Jason Kirk meets luminaries from the worlds of sport, music, film and fashion in a series of intimate discussions that not only reveal their relationships with eyewear but also broach fascinating and, often, personal subjects.

When Morcheeba exploded onto the #TripHop scene in the early ‘90s, one of their first photoshoots was in Jason and Karen Kirk’s back garden in #Walthamstow.

Thus began a long friendship which shines through in this rare interview from music royalty, Skye Edwards and Ross Godfrey.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think

We will release a new podcast every two weeks with amazing guests including, Jason Bell, Red Leopard, Kwame Alexander and Kirten Vangsness.

“We would do 3 months around Europe, then 3 months in America and 1 week at home!”

- Skye Edwards
Skye wearing Matte Centena in Forest Green.
Morcheeba wearing Kirk & Kirk in 1995.
Ross wearing Percy and Sky wearing Michelle.

Listen to another episode:

What do Morcheeba enjoy wearing?

Get the look by selecting one of Skye’s and Ross’s favourite pair of Kirk & Kirk Frames below: