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Free delivery on all orders

We have created a video guide on how to adjust Kirk & Kirk acrylic frames and sunglasses from the Spectrum, Kaleidoscope and Vivarium collections.
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How To Adjust And Glaze Kirk & Kirk Acrylic Eyewear

Kirk & Kirk have spent many years developing our own grade of acrylic. It is produced in sheets so that our frames can be handmade to the highest optical standards. Our frames are hand-crafted in France from start to finish.

Acrylic has many benefits but the most important is that it is light-weight and extremely comfortable to wear.

Adjustment is easy if you follow the instructions below and, once adjusted, the glasses will maintain their shape and comfort.

1 – Switch on your blow heater to maximum temperature. Be patient! You must heat the area of the frame that you want to adjust right though until it goes soft and then it will move with virtually no resistance.

2- Test it gently against the edge of the heater.
It may take 30 sec or more. Never try and adjust the frame cold.

3- Once adjusted, ideally plunge the hot area into cold water so it cools quickly and maintains its shape. If the frame needs further adjustment then repeat the process. No shortcuts. Thank you.

To glaze acrylic frames

Cut the lenses a little bit small (1mm) and snap them in cold. Avoid ‘over-glazing’. There is no need to heat the fronts when mounting lenses.
Acrylic can also be filed to ‘open up’ the temple width or polished on a wheel to remove any surface imperfections.

So there you have it, it takes a little extra care but the results are worth it

Enjoy your Kirk & Kirk frames.