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August-1927 Margate 1927
Jason _Sidney 1970:col 2 A little Jason Kirk with Grandpa Sidney
tools Inventors of the Facifit
Kirk-Bro-letterhead_Mast Kirk Brothers offices, still standing in The City.
Jason_Kirk Slightly older Jason


The Kirk family have been pioneers in optics since Jason’s grandfather and great uncle, Sidney and Percy Kirk, realised their own optical mastery and converted an old sewing machine into a working lens cutter. In 1919, they founded Kirk Brothers and opened their first London workshops, the beginning of an optical adventure that has spanned more than a century and three generations….so far.

They were innovators, not only in frame design but in the way that they ran the business. They created the first adjustable nose pads, were the first to deliver their frames by motorbike courier, and even supported other manufacturers by aiding them in setting up their factories.

Three generations later, Jason and Karen Kirk built Kirk & Kirk on these strong foundations and continue to blaze a trail in innovative and adventurous eyewear.