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Whitney Draisma

Where does tradition sit in your life?

I spent too many years trying to respect traditional expectations and following the dreams others held for me only to discover myself and what made my heart FULL is anything but traditional. Great loss and navigating years of grief have taught me how to truly live and chase my OWN dreams


What is your relationship with colour?

MMMmmmm Color! I live life in FULL color, no time for beige! The brighter the better. Color has become such a huge part of my identity and radiates happiness to others around me. Nicest thing someone has said is that ‘Whitney stands out like a dollar general on Mars’…..I would rather stand out as myself any day. Color is such an individual experience; in my life the only ‘neutrals’ are BRIGHT. There is a reason God gives us rainbows after a storm.


People or horses?

Easiest question to answer, HORSES. God created the most honest creature that is all Truth. You don’t need to explain yourself because the horse can feel it. Horses will test you, free you, help you grow and show you how strong, brave and ENOUGH you are. Just giddy up and hang on tight!