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IMG-20211018-WA0000 Bob proudly clutching her trophy for first place in the ballroom tango 2021, qualification to dance at the grand finals in Blackpool, the home of ballroom dancing!

Roberta Woodhouse

Hi I’m Roberta Woodhouse, known as Bob to all my friends.

I’m 51 and was born and bred in the Lake District and on the dance floors of northern clubs like The Hacienda.

I moved to London in my early twenties to work for British Airways and to marry my husband, Marc. I have 2 grown up boys, 2 very grown up step boys and a grouchy dog called Mini. I now live in Hove and work at the wonderful Big Beach Cafe owned by Norman Cook in Hove.

How and where did you get into ballroom dancing?  

I started going to vintage tea dances, really just to dress up as I loved vintage clothes. I’d watch couples dance together of all ages and wished I could do the same. I’d get asked to dance but always stood on people’s toes, never get the steps right, felt awkward and clumsy so one new year I made a resolution to learn.

When you are getting all glammed up in your posh frock how do glasses fit in to your plan?

I need glasses to watch the competition on the dance floor, and the world of ballroom is a very glamorous one. I would never wear an unglamorous outfit in the ballroom and my eyewear is just the same!

Who would you most like to dance with?

Easy…it would have to be John Travolta on that flashing dance floor in Saturday night Fever… or perhaps Patrick Swayze doing “that” lift in Dirty Dancing.