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Monica Barnett

How has The Pandemic has changed the way that we ‘dress for work’?

This is something I think we’re still working through but after 18+ months of living in jeans, sweats, and joggers and just dressing from the waist-up, a lot of people are resisting the restrictive nature of full suits. You will see “fashionable and curated casual” as the new ‘dress for work’ norm with formality going the way of the Samurai. Even the most formal of companies are issuing new “casual dress code” edicts!

Can you share one quick wardrobe ‘do’ and ‘don’t’?

On the ‘do’ side – I would unequivocally say to focus on fit! While many times fit can depend on the material or fabric, fit is king when it comes to wearing a piece instead of it wearing you! On the ‘don’t’ side – I’d say don’t wear or buy something simply because someone else has it. Make sure it’s aligned with your style, brand, highlights YOUR assets…and ‘speaks to you’

Shoes or glasses?

Oh heavens – how do I answer this?! I’ve been wearing corrective lenses for almost 40 years so I have taken to wearing my contacts almost as frequently as my specs, so I will say shoes. I definitely require them for any look + I invest heavily in nice ones so they are comfy and I can look down at my feet and say to myself, “ohhh, so pretty!”