Free delivery on all orders
Free delivery on all orders
1) This document will refer to Kirk Eyewear Ltd, trading as Kirk & Kirk, as “the seller” and any party to whom
the seller provides goods, referred to as “the buyer”.
2) The terms and conditions contained in this document are accepted as the terms and conditions of sale by
the buyer and supersede any other terms or documentation to which the buyer may refer.
3) Modifications to these terms can only be made in writing by the seller and subject to signature by one
company director.
4) The seller reserves the right to make modifications to its product without prior notification to the buyer.
5) The seller guarantees all goods supplied to the buyer for a period of twenty-four (24) months from the date
of delivery, against manufacturing defect.
6) All guarantees are null and void if the goods have been incorrectly handled or instructions for adjustment
not followed. All guarantees against manufacturing fault are null and void if the frames have been ‘used’, that
is to say glazed, worn or altered.
7) The seller does not provide warranty against performance of the goods for any specific purpose nor for
any consequential loss as a result of usage of the goods provided.
8) The seller reserves the right to refuse orders without explanation.
9) Delivery delays quoted are only a guideline and do not form part of the sales contract.
10) Returns are permitted within fourteen (14) days of delivery date for a full refund. Frames will only be
accepted for return in their original condition in the original packaging.
11) Any goods for return must have a Return Acceptance number provided by the seller [RA number] and
will be returned at no expense to the buyer. The goods remain the responsibility of the buyer until they arrive
at the offices of the seller and the buyer remains liable for them until they reach the office of the seller.
12) The sale price is the prevailing retail sale price in the currency deemed most relevant by the seller
at the time the order is placed. The seller reserves the right to change these prices prior to delivery, without
13) All goods must be paid for prior to shipping unless special terms are specifically agreed in writing by the seller,
with the signature of one director. 
14) The goods remain the property of the seller in deed and title, until paid for in full. In circumstances where
the goods are provided to the seller prior to payment, responsibility for those goods passes to the buyer
when the goods leave the seller’s offices however ownership of those goods remains with the seller until
paid for in full. For the sake of clarity, should the goods be lost or damaged in transit or whilst in the buyers’
care, the buyer remains responsible for payment of those goods in full.
15) The seller’s liability in regard to any goods sold to the buyer, shall be limited to the cost of the goods sold
and the seller is and can be in no way liable for any consequential loss to the buyer.
16) These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales.

Registered company No: 08601892
Registered company address: E1A – Knoll Business Centre, 325-327 Old Shoreham Road, Hove, BN3 7GS